Hardscaping work at Reliance Compressor Station-9,Bharuch(Gujarat).

"Hardscaping" refers to the non-living components of a landscape. and particular, as the name implies, "hardscaping" refers to hard materials such as those composed of concrete, brick or stone, in addition to wood. For instance, constructing a patio or deck is a hardscaping project, as is a brick walkway, a stone wall, or a wooden fence. But this branch of landscaping goes beyond large-scale projects such as these. Any non-living ornamentation in your landscaping is, technically, part of your hardscaping.


Transplanting of tree at Hathi Cement,Porbandar(Gujarat)

Transplanting is our expertise the functions of shade trees are many. From earliest history down to our own civilization and generation the shade tree has always been the friend of human race. With its beauty and protective shelter it thrives for man’s benefit. When we recall the worlds most beautiful cities, it is not so much the fine buildings or the broad avenues that linger our memory, but the wealth of trees which line their streets and beautify their lawns and parks. The trees set off and enhance the splendor of the works of artist and architect. The effect of green foliage is also soothing to the nervous system and tends to counteract the irritating effect of some of the other colors, especially that of red bricks buildings.

NEED FOR TREE TRANSPLANTING : The need for a tree to be transplanted can occur due to various factors such as, to provide greenery in a barren area. To take with you your own trees which you have nursed for years, when you shift your residence. Removing of trees which may be a hindrance while building houses, roads, bridges, and other buildings etc, replanting of trees which have fallen due to heavy wind.


softscaping work at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport , Mumbai(Maharashtra)

Living plants, by contrast, constitute the "softscaping". Softscape comprises the animate, horticultural elements of landscape design, i.e., plants. Softscape elements are complemented by hardscape design elements, such as stone walls, tile pations and brick walkways.


Irrigation Work

Your garden is a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy, the right watering is essential. Exotic Garden offers you great solutions for the areas of watering, water transportation, water pumps and automatic watering. There are efficient watering solutions for almost every kind of garden.